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Contact Us

We try to reply to all emails on the same day but sometimes it just isn't possible. At present, we can only check and reply to your emails during normal business hours, Monday to Friday. Please bear with us, we'll reply as soon as we can.

If you have an enquiry about using Cracker, please have a look through our help pages before sending us an email, most of the time you'll find your answer there (which will likely be faster than having to wait for our reply).

If your enquiry is about something not covered in those pages, please use one of the following email addresses and ensure you have selected the correct address, otherwise it may take us a little longer to get back to you.
  • – All general Cracker enquiries (not covered by the below)
  • – Any questions about the uploading videos and photos onto your Cracker ads
  • – Unsure why you were banned from Cracker or feel like pleading your case to us? Contact us with this address
  • – Feel someone is in breach of our Privacy Policy? Let us know via this address.
  • – Are you with the Police or other Law Enforcement and you need to contact Cracker? You can do so through this address
Please note, there is no phone support for Cracker and all contact is through email. If you have an urgent enquiry, please mark your email as such and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.
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